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Mercedes to launch smaller version of G Class luxury SUV



The Mercedes-Benz G Class is a luxury SUV that has become popular in the U.S.

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Mercedes plans to launch a smaller version of its high-end G Class sports utility vehicle, the German carmaker’s CEO told CNBC in an interview Sunday.

The G Class, a rugged off-road car which starts at just under $140,000, is popular with buyers in the U.S. It has been around for more than four decades. Mercedes has reinvented the model with more technology and even teased a concept electric version of the car.

Now Ola Kallenius, CEO of Mercedes, confirmed a “little G” is on the horizon, a smaller version of the G Class.

“So kind of the daughter or son of the big G is also going to come to G fans around the world in a few years from now,” Kallenius told CNBC’s Annette Weisbach.

The CEO said there is no “definitive date” for when this model will be launched.

“If you’re waiting for something good it will be worth the wait,” he said.

A smaller version of the G Class could open the model up to a different group of buyers and potentially at a different price point in the luxury SUV segment against rivals including the Range Rover and Bentley Bentayga.

The G Class is known for being difficult to get your hands on, with Mercedes controlling the supply of the luxury off-road car.

Kallenius said the tight supply is likely to continue.

“The G Class is an icon, it is difficult to get one. If you do get one you feel like it’s almost like your birthday and we will be very very careful managing volume with the G Class,” he said.

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