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How to use Google to find cheapest dates to book flights

TechnologyHow to use Google to find cheapest dates to book flights


Google now tells you the cheapest time to book a flight.


Google recently updated Google Flights with more information that can help you save money by booking a trip during certain windows of time.

Say, for example, you’re planning a family vacation to Florida in the winter and want to book your flights. Google will tell you whether prices are lower or higher than average right now, as well as when to book the flight to secure the best deal.

I tested it myself using a trip to Miami from Dec. 5 to Dec. 19 as an example. Google said the prices are lower than usual, about $58 for a round trip on Frontier Airlines. That suggests it’s worth booking now.

In a separate example, I tried booking a trip to Cancun from March 6 to March 13. Google said the price, about $282, was typical, but that prices would likely go down if I could wait to book the flight between Nov. 11 and Feb. 9.

“The lowest prices for similar trips to Cancun are usually found about 1-4 months between takeoff,” Google’s Flights page told me. “Prices during this time are around $40 cheaper on average.”

How to find the cheapest time to fly with Google Flights


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