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Baidu launches more AI apps after Ernie chatbot gets public approval

TechnologyBaidu launches more AI apps after Ernie chatbot gets public approval


Baidu has launched a slew of AI applications after its Ernie chatbot received public approval.

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BEIJING – Chinese tech giant Baidu announced more than 10 new AI-based applications on Tuesday, just days after its ChatGPT-like Ernie bot was released for public use.

Among the product reveals was a generative AI-integrated word processing app called WPS AI, created by Shanghai-listed Kingsoft Office. The company built the tool using the AI model on which Baidu’s Ernie bot is based, as well as Baidu’s “Qianfan” cloud platform for AI models, according to a release.

Nearly 10,000 businesses are actively using Baidu’s Qianfan cloud platform each month, the company claimed.

Baidu also announced that more than 6 million users have used an AI-powered tool that sits inside its Google drive-like cloud product. The AI assistant can search documents, summarize and translate text and create content, the company claimed.

Can China's ChatGPT clones give it an edge over the U.S. in an A.I. arms race?

At Tuesday’s event, Baidu also showed off displayed generative AI-based products that could assist with traffic management, financial research and coal mine logistics.

It wasn’t immediately clear to what extent those products were available for public use.

On Aug. 31, Baidu released its Ernie bot to the public, signaling government approval of the AI-powered chatbot. Other Chinese companies also released similar AI products around the same time.

Baidu first revealed Ernie bot in March, but initial access was limited to business partners and people who had to first join a waitlist.


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